About Us


Little Scholars Preschool prides itself on providing a quality preschool education in a warm, loving, and nurturing environment. Our small classroom sizes allow our staff to build personalized relationships with our students and parents.  We understand that choosing the right school to fit your child's needs is an important decision, and we strive to meet the expectations of every family we serve. Our facility provides each child with the opportunities to learn and grow physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.  Our Preschool programs are carefully researched, and thoughtfully taught. We approach every day with a sense of imagination, innovation, and fun to support young children to learn comfortably and confidently. Every day includes a variety of exciting and inspiring experiences to stimulate every child's development. Children are natural thinkers and reflective problem solvers. We will work with the child's natural inclination to explore and solve problems. Our goal is to provide a stable, safe, healthy, clean, comfortable, and culturally relevant environment. We believe this motivates learning for success in your child's school readiness and future. By providing comprehensive education, we can help those in our care progress rapidly and be ready when it's time to start attending school.